Thursday, July 28, 2011

A different View

Paris helps me see things from a different view. I love this capture of Notre Dame from the other side, 
not often photographed. The park here is lovely.

The inside of Notre Dame is always captivating to me. I love to just sit...listen -watch-and pray

These roses were covered in white dust but somehow still lovely.

Meandering over to the streets of the Marias - this is why I love Paris

Bon weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Morning tea anyone?

 Whether it is tarte au citron

Petite Macarons
Cafè expresso and a petite Laduree chocolat

or...the ultimate in Naughtiness at Laduree..
Fraise Juice and I wish I could remember the name of this delicious thing. 
It was berry fruits with chantilly cream ---the most delicious surprise being the delicate taste of rose water.

Laduree - Champs Elysèes
75, Avenue Champs Elysèes -75008 Paris

Worth a visit and a stop for tea


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Market.... to Market

My dream was to live in Paris and live like a Parisian.
I was able to do this for two weeks. 
On a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday there is a market in my street. 

They sell Pain!!!!! In abundance

And Frais!!!!!........mmmm like you have never smelled or tasted before. 

We brought some special raisin Brioche home for breakfast

And of course those strawberries, the yoghurt in France is just to die for .
The best Petit dejeuner in town. 

Come and share some with me.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simply Sunday

Sunday or any other day - it doesnt matter, the view never changes and thank goodness!
It's one of my favourite views in the world. Walking across Pont de Arts .....and looking towards the islands.

Walking across La paaserelle des Arts, one of the pedestrian bridges in Paris. On a Sunday or any fine evening in Paris it is a place where people come to celebrate. On the days we walked across it it was packed with people and their parties. The bridge is covered in Padlocks. The legend is - if you put your names on a padlock and throw the keys into the Seine, you will return to Paris....

One for each of us ---- A Bientot Paris.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come for an evening stroll with me..

I will take you on a little stroll through our district the 6 è of St Germain des Près.
You know when you are in Paris when you see a window display like this!

And hats displayed in a hat shop like this!

And ... pass the famous Cafè de Flore

Perhaps the owner of this cute voiture will take us for a ride.

I think it's time for tea!
I can even remember what I had - but I didn't photograph so I will describe. 
Salade Perigourdine
Salade verte, foie gras, magret fumè and haricot verts
Green salad, foie gras, smoked duck and green beans

Or something else - Santè


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lets start at the very beginning

Luxembourg gardens on a sunny Monday

Not a bad way to spend the afternoon

This little old lady in the red berèt captured me
I'm sure she has a story to tell

Our little apartment's window and a world of Paris 
beckoning outside. 

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...
Our first impressions of Paris were -- the Parisians really "get" their own city. 
People were every where in the Park, street, bridges just enjoying their place. 
It was a Monday and the streets were packed, brimming with people enjoying the sun. 
Not a cell phone in sight or a laptop or mobile device, just people talking - sitting face to face, 
enjoying each other. 
Paris you have a lesson for me today and I think I learnt it. 


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heading home to the land of Oz

After such a wonderful experience and people rich time it is time to head home.
I have had such fantastic experiences and made some fabulous new friends. Serendipity has certainly played it's role in my journey. All of my travel plans exceeded my expectations and I have once again been captivated by the Europeans.
It is time to head towards familiar shores - although it's a long journey to get there. I am going distract myself with movies galore.
Stay posted for further installments. There will be many photos to come.
Looking forward to being home in my familiar blogging world.