Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Putting together the pieces

Thank you for all your lovely comments to me over the past couple of weeks. 
It has been a roller coaster of life. 
Today though I feel as though the pieces are coming together, it's like someone hid them for a while and I had to hunt. 
The over all picture is a little different to what I expected the box would look like. 
A little cryptic I know. 
My life is changing again. 
I might not feel fabulous right now.
but ..
It will be. 
Back to my beautiful belle France soon. 


  1. Hi Suzi, I hope you're having a better week. You take as much time as you need. We all need a little time for ourselves to sort things out. Sending hugs your way!

  2. Hi Suzi,

    Have been thinking of you dear friend.
    Our life's journey will be filled with change, do hope that life is getting better for you.
    Sending my love and hugs and hope that you have a happy weekend


  3. Bonjour, sweet friend. I just popped in to check on you and hope that the sun is a bit brighter now.

    My thoughts are with you and I am sending big hugs.


  4. I'm so glad the pieces are coming together for you, Suzi. Back to France soon? Oh, my, how wonderful! xo

  5. Oh the sun has come out for you... maybe just a bit but I think you will be feeling it soon. Sweet thoughts are still coming from Alabama, via Paris to you dear one.

  6. pretty nice butterflies heart, one of my friends is so crazy about butterflies, she collects all things that has at least a butterfly in it, I will show you that heart, I am sure she will like it!