Saturday, August 27, 2011

A trip out of Paris- Part 1.

Claude Monet
14 November 1840 – 5 December 1926) was a founder of French impressionist painting.
He is also my favourite painter
I had to go and visit his home and gardens in Giverny. 
I have always wanted to do this but somehow missed the opportunity. 
On a beautiful Saturday morning we boarded a train at Saint Lazare in Paris and headed from 
Vernon-70kms to the West of Paris.
We were advised by one of our guides to hire on of these so we did. 
It was a fabulous 20 minute ride through the gorgeous  French country side to 
Maison Monet.
I was truly in Heaven, biking through the French country side with my two friends and feeling like school girls.
We passed by beautiful fields filled with wild poppies
Being a Florist I couldn't quite believe it. But this was just the beginning
There was so much more to come ...

Just a glimpse - the true water lilllies off the canvas for me. 


  1. Hi Suzi,

    What a wonderful trip you must have had and to be riding through the countryside on pushbikes, I could not think of anything nicer.
    Giverny was closed when we went to France the second time, as it was winter. One day I would love to go, as it really does look amazing. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos.
    Hope that you are enjoying your Sunday


  2. Dearest Suzi,

    What a gorgeous world you have chosen to love. I am a French teacher and LOVE all things French for my home, my LIFE!

    I am very happy that you found me and came to make MY DAY as I love to meet new people from all over the world. Enjoy all that France has to offer. Do you speak French? Oh, I wish we would have found each other in May! I had a Paris LINK party that was so much fun. Over 70 blogs participated and I meet new friends through that. Everyone who participated posted on ANYTHING they wanted to about Paris.

    I hope your weather is fine; our Eastern seaboard is really suffering quite a bit this weekend, and I think out in Europe some blogger friends are also having strange weather. Keep safe, and thank you for visiting!

    A bientôt! Anita

  3. hello Suzi

    thank you for your lovely words
    i am delighted to meet you too :o) and your gorgeous blog!

    warmest wishes


  4. Giverny has been on my list for years and I've STILL not visited! Love your photos Suz.
    Bon dimanche,

  5. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely place!

  6. Lovely story, Suzi. Hope you got to visit la maison de Monsieur Monet without too many crowds! There always seems to be a long line of (Japanese)tourists there whenever I stop by on my way back from the Normandy coast. Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  7. I have had the picture books for years and still have not been, but when I go I will take your advice about the bikes! How much fun in such a gorgeous setting with dear friends... wonderful!


  8. Bonjour! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely to visit yours and by the way, it's beautiful! Bisous de Paris!

  9. Biking to the garden is the perfect way to arrive! We will have to try that next time. Beautiful poppy photos! xo – g