Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Market.... to Market

My dream was to live in Paris and live like a Parisian.
I was able to do this for two weeks. 
On a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday there is a market in my street. 

They sell Pain!!!!! In abundance

And Frais!!!!!........mmmm like you have never smelled or tasted before. 

We brought some special raisin Brioche home for breakfast

And of course those strawberries, the yoghurt in France is just to die for .
The best Petit dejeuner in town. 

Come and share some with me.



  1. You must be in heaven Suzi !! Paris is so wonderful, the food and drink being right up there with all of the well known attractions. We are so lucky as we can just pop on Eurostar , have a brilliant day in Paris and be back the same night !!
    I wish you continued joy in Paris and look forward to more of your posts. XXXX

  2. Great post, Suzi, and good timing since we just woke up here in Seattle. I would love to enjoy some of these stawberries, fresh yogurt and brioche for breakfast ;-) Ah, the great French outdoor markets! A French vacation would not be complete without visiting one. Merci for making this French Girl drool! ;-)

  3. The markets are just the best aren't they Suzi...I always buy more than I need...can't seem to help myself! And how to resist the has been my downfall....
    Thank you so much for putting my books up on your sidebar....I was very touched when I saw that.....xv

  4. Hi Suzi,

    I loved the markets in France, such a treat to go and stock up on fruit, vegetables and gorgeous flowers. Sounds like a great petit dejeuner and a good start to the day.

    Happy Thursday

  5. Bonjour Suzi

    I how I'd love to be shopping at that market with it's wonderful selection of breads -oh! and the strawberries full of flavour and just perfect for le petit dejeuner!

    Have a lovely week Suzi.xx

  6. I can already taste the brioche! :) Mmmmm. A week from tomorrow! xo – g

  7. That yogurt looks delicious. Especially with strawberries on the side! I want some. ox