Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simply Sunday

Sunday or any other day - it doesnt matter, the view never changes and thank goodness!
It's one of my favourite views in the world. Walking across Pont de Arts .....and looking towards the islands.

Walking across La paaserelle des Arts, one of the pedestrian bridges in Paris. On a Sunday or any fine evening in Paris it is a place where people come to celebrate. On the days we walked across it it was packed with people and their parties. The bridge is covered in Padlocks. The legend is - if you put your names on a padlock and throw the keys into the Seine, you will return to Paris....

One for each of us ---- A Bientot Paris.



  1. Bonjour Suzi,

    As you say, Sunday or any day to be in Paris is great especially walking across any of the bridges that go over the Seine. I love your photos ... the blue sky is gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful week

  2. 'Allo, 'allo Suzie !!
    Sound's as if you are having a wonderful time, and who wouldn't if they were in Paris? I love the padlock tradition and I love the way that you are all entering into the spirit of it. You will all definitely be returning.
    Have a wonderful time. XXXX

  3. Bonjour Suzi - oh! to be walking across the beautiful Pont-des-Arts I know exactly where you were standing - and that view is always so lovely! It's amazing Suzi how the skies in Paris are always that pretty soft blue.
    Have a wonderful week. xx

  4. Oh, I thought it was a LOVE thing about the locks. So if I do that every trip I can return? Well I"m off to Home Depot to buy a box of padlocks for my nex trip! :)

  5. No Love needed V just a love for Paris. Yes I am coming prepared next time. I have a feeling that every 6 months or so the Paris Police come and snip the locks - otherwise it would be in the seine from the weight.

  6. J'adore le "Pont des Arts"...
    Enjoy your day !


  7. oh I have not heard of that padlocks bridge, that is so cool and original, but I would make it a romantic story, so if you put a padlock locked in the bridge with your name and the name of your love and you throw away the keys, the union between those two will last forever, isn't it romantic?? it's weird that it is in Paris and my idea did not occur to them