Sunday, July 24, 2011

Morning tea anyone?

 Whether it is tarte au citron

Petite Macarons
Cafè expresso and a petite Laduree chocolat

or...the ultimate in Naughtiness at Laduree..
Fraise Juice and I wish I could remember the name of this delicious thing. 
It was berry fruits with chantilly cream ---the most delicious surprise being the delicate taste of rose water.

Laduree - Champs Elysèes
75, Avenue Champs Elysèes -75008 Paris

Worth a visit and a stop for tea



  1. Oh yes please Suzi, I would love to join you for a cafe expresso and any one of the sweet treats, thanks.
    Have a great week and I hope that you are not having the cold snap that we are having here.


  2. Oh to be there right now! One of my favorites is their Mont Blanc although I prefer Angelina's. I have made a dessert with rasberries, chantilly creme, crumbled macaron shells (or simple meringue seche), rosewater, and topped with a splash of liqueur... miam-miam No recipe needed - just layer it all and splash!


  3. Now that would be special Suzi - cafe creme and macarons at Laduree - make mine pistache s'il vous plait!

  4. Mon Dieu! Where to begin with the feast? It is almost impossible not to have a sweet treat at Laduree!

  5. With your photos, now I want to take a train and to go to Paris to have a breakfast in Ladurée , I love so much this place

  6. Nice dishes! I would like to get the recipes to prepare them at home.