Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heading home to the land of Oz

After such a wonderful experience and people rich time it is time to head home.
I have had such fantastic experiences and made some fabulous new friends. Serendipity has certainly played it's role in my journey. All of my travel plans exceeded my expectations and I have once again been captivated by the Europeans.
It is time to head towards familiar shores - although it's a long journey to get there. I am going distract myself with movies galore.
Stay posted for further installments. There will be many photos to come.
Looking forward to being home in my familiar blogging world.


  1. Oh what a lovely and fitting image... so pretty!

    Nice to hear you had a great time there,
    do share some pics ♥

  2. Hola anne,
    I certainly will, the iPad doesn't like to share. Ut the Mac book does so I will be home with it soon. Still sitting in Seville and awaiting my final hours...weird

  3. I cannot wait to see/hear of your many adventures! So glad that you loved the Seville restaurant as much as Nanette and I did... safe travels home, mon amie!


  4. Thank you so much Genie,
    I am so thankful for my connection through blogging.. Somehow it connects us deeper.
    I am actually contemplating my last night in Seville x

  5. Hi Suzi,

    Enjoy your last night in Serville and wishing you a safe trip home.
    Will be so neat to hear of your travels and see the photos, dear friend.

    Happy rest of the week

  6. Ah! I'm sure you have had the most wonderful holiday Suzi - can't wait to see some of your photos - Keep safe and look forward to hearing from you soon xx

  7. It hardly seems possible that you're winging your way home. I can hardly wait for the photos and tales! :)

  8. Hi pretty lady! I'm going on vacation too this week. Nothing as fabulous as Europe but still a pretty spot. Keep having fun!


  9. hoping you had a wonderful time on your vacation~you live in a very nice spot yourself!