Monday, May 9, 2011

Paris à bientôt!

We are going here!
And we just might eat some escargot really is worth the visit.

Just a glimpse of what is to come ..
Am I excited?



  1. Dear Suzi,
    How exciting.....I can't wait to hear all about it.
    So sorry that I haven't been around for a while.....MASSIVE computer and Blogger problems....HUGE !!
    I am hoping that I'm back on track now.
    Have a wonderful time. XXXX

  2. Hi Suzi,

    How many sleeps until you go?
    We dined one night at Le Moulin Galette and the food was divine.
    Our apartment was on the opposite block and the address was 1 avenue Junot and we were on the floor above the little theatre.
    Oh you are going to have so much fun and you must be getting so excited.

    Sending hugs

  3. Oh jackie, there you are! You have been missed!
    Yes i have been scared to write about it in case it isn't real! *pinch me
    Carolyn, - it's lovely isn't it? I went there with my DD this past year and we loved it. I am taking my girlfriends. Did I tell you I was going to with girls. We are going to have a ball x

  4. Bonjour Suzi - I can't wait to hear about all your lovely travels -would you believe I've never tasted escargot! But I have been to lovely "Moulin de la Galette" it's not far from where you stayed on your last visit.
    I'm sure you have so... many thing and places you want to see - I'm really excited for you.

  5. Dear Dianne, I finally am able to list them! Yes I have been there too - my best meal in Paris! X

  6. How wonderful! Make sure to take lots of pictures and don't forget to blog about it ;)! Can't wait to read your Parisian stories.

  7. Not sure when you are going but hope it is soon. Spent 2 weeks there last September and I am busy thinking of how and when to get back. Have the most wonderful trip! XO
    A Gift Wrapped Life

  8. WE had a delicious lunch there in January! How fun you'll visit as well.
    Bon appétit!

  9. Marie and I were there in April... can't wait for your trip!!


  10. It's my 2nd visit Virginia and Genie.
    I have been before with my daughter and I have to say it was one of the nicest meals I have had in Paris - this time though we will have the lunch menu! x

  11. Hi Suzi
    Thanks for popping in my way.. you know I am in Sydney Australia too.. so that ocean and moon you were looking at is one and the same!!

    Now just a tad jealous of your trip.. I been putting messages out to the universe to get me back to Italy or France.. Have a lovely trip .. ciao xxx Julie