Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's on your desk?

Fresh Flowers from the Market

In the most perfect shade ---and they smell divine

Little bottles -- can't resist- everyone needs a little love

Candles scented in Vanilla bean, caramel and biscotti

Lite reading --- I'm not obsessed or anything

Thoughts from a friend

Little tricket boxes

Thought you might like a visit today

I was sitting in bed this morning and had the luxury of a Sunday morning lazy start to the day.
My daughter graced me with Tea and Toast, which my little dog was very happy about.
Hubby is away on business and so it is quiet in the house today.
The roses at the top of my blog were opening beautifully and so I thought I would photograph them - it's been a while since I touched a flower -- instead I looked around my desk and saw all my little "me" things.
I sit here every day and catch up with my world.
Thought you might like a peek.
What's on your desk today?


  1. Your roses are just gorgeous Suzi ~ lovely soft creamy apricot. On my desk today I have a stash of Gourmet-traveller magazines - places to dream about (in France of course) and gourmet food to devour with my eyes. Then tucked away under the burgundy art-deco lamp I have a little bottle of my favourite perfume - Miss Dior Cherie.
    I noticed the book in your header "In love in France" is it a good read?
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Exquisite roses Suzi..
    I'm drooling
    YUM to all

  3. Hi Suzi,

    I loved seeing what is on your sweet desk today and your new title of your blog.
    All the books and your beautiful roses would make me happy.
    My desk? at the moment it looks like it needs a tidy up before I show you.

    Have a happy Thursday

  4. Dianne, They are dreamy- for me there is something about the garden vintage rose. For one it is fragrant, they may not last as long but they are still lovely. They lasted 5 days which is not bad, I still have a few by my bedside.

    Carol, this is how I so often describe flowers, YUM- I do think they are delicious!

    I have a confession Carolyn, I tidied too. x
    Hope you are having a super day

    Happy days to all x

  5. What a lovely room, Suzi!! I love everything about it! Especially the wall color. :) xo

  6. lovely pictures!