Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little Piece of Heaven

I experienced a little piece of heaven today in the form of a Valentine's day treat. 
My hubby was away for the day. Quite rare for us on Valentines. 
Instead of flowers - I got a beautiful treat. A full body treatment at a Spa. 
It was divine and I have never felt so pampered in my life. 
As I was being spoilt - my beautiful therapist and I passed the time away doing as ladies do best. 
We chatted, as though we were old friends. It was lovely and somehow there was an intimacy there that I can't quite describe. 
It was almost out of this world. 
She also had magic fingers and I came away feeling as though I was walking on clouds. 
Treat yourself. 
You are worth it. 


  1. You have a wonderful husband who is savvy enough to know what a treat this is for a woman... divine!


  2. That sounds so special! What a day :)!

  3. Hi Suzi,

    I am so glad that you were pampered and treated to such a lovely and special gift. How wonderful your husband is!
    My husband has done this a few times for me too, and it is great what it can do for a Girl.

    I hope that you are enjoying the weekend.

  4. Lucky you. That said, my fabulous french boyfriend surprised me with a candlelit dinner at his place complete with roses and heart shaped dress ring so I was very happy. He is a brocanteur and his house is full of french antiques so it was my idea of heaven :-)

    A tres bientot,