Monday, February 28, 2011

I can't resist a pretty dress

Young host of the Oscars this year-
James Franco and Anne Hathaway. 
I am not sure what the verdict is yet. 
Going for a younger demographic?

Anne sure looked gorgeous in her 80's Valentino gown ---

Best Actress in a leading Role - Natalie Portman - Black Swan

Best Actor in a leading role - Mr Darcy -- opps I mean Colin Firth for "the King's Speech

Did your favourites win? 
Mine did. 

photos from here


  1. Hi Suzi,

    thanks for sharing, have only heard the news on the radio, so this is the first time I have seen photos.
    Yes, I am glad that Colin Firth and Natalie Portman won the leading roles.
    I think it is good to see fresh faces, hosting the Oscars. Anne does look glamorous in the Valentino gown.

    Have a happy week

  2. HI Carolyn.
    I have just been to the King's speech and Loved it. Colin Firth was amazing and so was Jeffrey rush. I have already seen Black swan and loved Natalie Portman in that. Talented actors and both deserving.
    Have a super week.

  3. I LOVE Colin Firth and I wish Geoffrey Rush has won also...what a pair of superb actors!

  4. They were superb the two of them -- the movie was a real treat. A rare tale about friendship if anything else. ..... loved it