Monday, January 17, 2011

The Hopeless Romantic

From the film " Ever after!"
I am afraid I am a helplessly hopeless romantic. I fall for anything of this sort and lately I seemed to have indulged myself a little. This is one of my favourite scenes from a Movie favourite I revisited recently.
Ever After - with Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott. They are both delightfully matched in a spin on the Cinderella story. It is charming and one for the tissues.

Lost in Austen

Another 'Chic Flick' series I am loving. Based on a modern day spin of a girl landing herself in the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice . Amanda Price finds a corridor between her modern day world and the fictional place she dreams off behind her shower box.
It is a wonderful show and every Austen fan's hope to be actually walking in the shoes of Elizabeth Bennet. In the show Ms Price exclaims " It is a truth generally acknowledged that we are all longing to escape" I know I do once in a while. Hope the new year is proving wonderful for all of you and you are dreaming and romancing like me. 


  1. I am definitely a romantic at heart! I love Ever After too.

  2. Wanting to escape the New Year!!!
    Where is (and what is) the shower box?
    I'm enroute...
    merci carolg

  3. I am a romantic too.

    Bon week-end a toi,

    Leeann x

  4. I am a hopeless romantic and can cry over a commercial selling greeting cards, a fabulous concert of Baroque music, or a ceiling of hand-blown glass...

    I do require happy endings most of the time...


  5. Bonjour Suzi - I'm like you I love the pretty & the sweet things in life, they make my heart sing - but the harsh and ugly make me freeze up.
    Have a wonderful 2011

  6. Hi Suzi,

    We are enjoying our time in the romantic City and have just been out for dinner and walked to look at the twinkling lights from Montmatre where we are staying.
    Sending hugs from a very cold Paris. Look forward to coming back on Wednesday.
    Thanks for the movie recommendations and yes I think we are all hopeless romantics.


  7. Hi there, Suzi... I am just checking in to see that you are doing well. I've missed your blog, and you, of course.

    Big hugs,

  8. Valentine's day is the time to indulge in your favorite chick flicks! I watched 'The Painted Veil' - j'adore!