Saturday, July 24, 2010

Divine Degustation!

Last night I was treated to an EVENT! A true dining experience. I was taken to the famous Claudes restaurant in Sydney. It is not unusual to have to book 1 month in advance. We were on the waiting list - and we got in. What a mouth watering adventure from start to finish.
Before you even enter intrigue is created. The entrance to the restaurant is a closed blue door with a bell ~only those with a reservation can enter.
The evening started with Champagne and finished with delight.
The menu was a degustation one ~ which according to Wikipedia is a culinery term meaning " a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods". Usually this can mean being left a little disappointed and a little hungry, not the case at Claudes. It was a dining extravagance.

Come and taste with me...

Tasting Menu or Degustation

Saffron & Chestnut broth accompanied by a chestnut shortbread biscuit

Spanner Crab, Cerleriac Griddle Cake served with whipped mousse
2007 Bruno Song Muscat Fr
Angus Fillet Cured with Mignonette Pepper
2009 Ch Mont- Redon Chateauneuf-Pape Blanc Fr

Yellow Fin Tuna & Salt Cod
2007 A to Z Pinot Noir U.S.A

Rabbit Terrine Pie en Croute
2006 Bernard Chinon Fr.

Roasted Aylesbury Duck- with Black truffle
2006 Alain Gallety Shariz Grenache Fr.

A Course of Cheese- Goats cheese with a hazelnut biscuit
2009 Dom.Pichot Le Marigny Vouvray Moelleux Fr

Champagne and Black Truffle Ice , Violet Marshmallow

2008 Bernadins Muscat de Beame de Venise Fr.

Bitter Orange Souffle`~ with white chocolate sauce

Petite Macaroons


10 Oxford Street Woolahra Sydney 2025

Thursday, July 15, 2010

learning life's lessons

I heard something today - that sometimes life's lessons come disguised and they can surprise you. I had one of these lessons come my way in the form of an injury. I injured myself at work by slipping quite badly on wet floor. I am ok but very bruised and licking my wounds. I'm off work for a while healing. My ankle is sprained - neck is sore and lower back.
It has given me some time to sit back and enjoy the school vacation - my daughter and my new renovations. I have stopped. Maybe I might not want the world to start up again.
Thinking of you all x

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Touched by faceless friends

Today I was touched, I couldn't help it - tears flowed. Sometimes I get the luxury to sit and read posts - past posts, anyones posts that take my fancy. Today I was of those days. I read a post and it brought me to tears. It doesn't take much these days but this was truly lovely.
It was about a doggie who had passed.
Being so passionate about our own wee Bella I can only imagine the pain that comes with the loss of a family pet. Yes it happened to me when I was young but we have not had a loss for a very long time. I do not look forward to that final day --- but I do cherish the moments.
It makes me realise how very precious every day is.
Let us cherish them all...