Friday, December 17, 2010

No more Bah humbug

I has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things with blogging. I have been lurking in the trenches at you all and getting some lovely inspiring Christmas Ideas. 
Usually I am little Miss Santa Claus but this year everything has faded a little. 
The Christmas tree is up and is a little different this year. I will post a photo soon. 
There is something warm and inviting about the "stripey candyness" of this setting. 
I do love it.

 I have a confession to make, I adore ribbons and bows and everything wrapping. I have been known on occasion to even have my own purchases wrapped. I learnt this from a lovely friend of mine. If I shop is offering free wrapping - why on earth not? 
I also have a habit of wrapping things up again so they still look lovely. I am known for it. The colours of Christmas are so inviting and easy to put together. I am sticking with gold and silver this year and also plain wrapping embellished with red, white, gold or silver. 

Photos from country living. 
I love the look of this idea of mixing Christmas treats with the wrapping and just might have to go out and find myself some candy canes or lollie pops. 
Yes Christmas is coming regardless of how I feel about things. I don't want to fake it until I make it as I do feel somewhat in the spirit. My Christmas list is already filled thanks to the recovery of my Dear Dad.
Enjoy the preparations this week. x 


  1. First off I adore your banner photo..
    Is that new?
    The ribbons look so pretty in the basket - very Victorian..
    I wonder if I shall ever don a ribbon, much as I love them..?
    Can't wait to see your tree!

  2. Hello Carol! How nice to see a comment. i thought everyone had busied themselves :)
    Yes the banner is new - taken by DD on our latest trip - she captured the feel perfectly.
    I will get the camera out today!!
    Have a great one.

  3. Hi Suzi,

    I love your post today ~ Country Living always seems to make everything look so lovely.
    I have a thing about pretty ribbons and wrapping paper too and have a big box of ribbons and buy whenever I see something I like.
    So glad to hear of the recovery of your dear Dad and yes, that would be the best present you could get.
    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend and wish you a great week ahead.


  4. Bonjour Suzi ~ I love the pretty ribbons.
    Wishing you & yours a very Blessed & safe Christmas time !! and looking forward to seeing more of your pics in the New Year
    Joyeux Noel!

  5. I love seeing these festive, Christmasy posts! Merry Christmas to you.

  6. Feliz Navidad form all Team Bornay!!!! have a beautiful 2011!!!! thank you for all your beautiful words!

  7. Dear Suzi,

    Just popped by to wish you and your dear family the best and happiest Christmas, with much love, joy and peace.
    I do hope that your dear Dad is doing well.
    I hope that your day is filled with the sweetest of blessings. I am so thankful of your friendship.


  8. Here I am a bit late but there has been much family activity with Christmas celebrations. I do hope that your dad is continuing his recovery and that the spirit of Christmas has filled you with joy.

    Many big hugs,

  9. Christmas has been so busy for me, I haven't even set up a 'proper' Christmas tree.. Just a miniature one. I love gift wrapping as well, and for years let my own gifts be giftwrapped. Why not?! Hope you had a beautiful & safe Christmas!