Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meandering through Montemartre

Dianne- I found the park with perfect views

Little glimpses along the way
There she is - tour de Eiffel!
Vineyards where they are unexpected
An amazing out door congregation

Lovely to visit You on a Sunday x


  1. Bonjour Suzi,

    So glad that you are getting to have a look around this most wonderful City. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and yes, I do remember Dianne's post on that lovely little park.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  2. Always can count on you my friend. xx

  3. Oh wow! Magnifique! I am catching up on your posts and drooling over the photos of London, Holland and Paris! Looks and sounds like a great trip!

  4. Such a hard city to leave behind isn't it? I still have not visited this church but will next time. Happy weekend and thank you for your sweet comments. XO

  5. Hi Just called over from All things French" blog ... I cannot get enough of seeing the Eiffel Tower .. I came back from a trip in September . also was there in May and a few days in August ... What caught my eye was that you said upon seeing the tower "there SHE is " exactly what I said to myself too. Looks like you had a fantastic trip, thanks for sharing.