Thursday, September 23, 2010

My keys to my world! Wheeeeeeee!

Today something special came in the post
The keys to my Paris, take a peek down at the video on the bottom
of my blog and you will understand my glee.

The Apartment in Paris where my daughter and I are staying in three weeks - eek!, has lovely old fashioned ideas.
They post you your keys in any part of the world.
I was a little worried as I hadn't seen them in the post box.
I was thinking about plan B, which is think is to try and communicate with a French only speaking Housekeeper.
That would have been interesting.
But...last night they were sitting waiting for me in the letter box. I squealed when I saw them. I think it's only me that gets it - maybe you would too.
In 1 week and 6 days we are winging our way on holiday - first to London, then Amsterdam, then Paris, - the South of France and Italy- Rome, Florence, and Venice. Writing it makes it a little more real. I really can't believe it. My daughter is coming with me.  5 weeks of bliss.


  1. Hi Suzi,

    Oh I for sure get your excitement and I would be over the moon with happiness too.
    I took a look at the apartment and it looks amazing. You and your daughter will have the best time and look forward to seeing some photos and hearing about your travels.
    Happy weekend and good luck with the packing.


  2. Thank you Carolyn, I really am feeling that pinch me now feeling.
    I LOVE Paris with a passion and can't wait to share it with my daughter ----but there is also so much more.
    I can't wait to share. x

  3. This will be an amazing holiday! enjoy every day especially in Paris~ so much to experience les fleurs, les parfum ~ soak it all in!! and beautiful Rome and London ~ your camera will be working overtime.

  4. How very, very exciting, Suzi!! I'm thrilled for you and your daughter. I spent a week in Paris with my Mom when I was 14 and we still talk about it – memories that we share just the two of us. I can't wait to read and see all about your grand adventure. Bon Voyage!! xo – g

  5. so much fun when keys arrive from Paris
    Take a lanyard thing and wear them around your neck.
    Paris keys are the worst if you lose them...
    More precious than diamonds.
    Keys to dreams...

  6. Lucky you. It is a shame that you are not heading in our direction :-)

    Leeann x