Sunday, August 22, 2010

The F word

This may seem like an inappropriate post but don't be alarmed - it is perfectly clean and there are no shades of Gordon Ramsey in sight. Last night as I was thinking of my blogging journey I thought about the F's I often come back to.

When I started my blogging journey just over a year ago it was all about Floristry - Flowers were very much the main star of my journals. I have noticed lately that my tone changes from time to time but the F word remains.

It might be Family - very much the top of my list along with friends. I will share with you of my joys and sorrows and daily doings. I do refrain from posting photos of the crew on to the internet. It is just one of those things I chose - however I do talk about them very much.

Food - this of course is a huge priority in my blogging brain spce. I comes up often, I delight in finding new foods and places to eat. Really it is one of life's wonderful pleasures - Let's face it - I love to EAT!

Furnishings - another blogging enterprise. I love to get inspiration from those wonderful blogs I visit on what and how and who you are using. It's all so inspiring. Finding that true kindred spirit is wonderful, finding that something special to fill that place - finding it by accident is even better.

Fashion - always a winner! I love to flaunt it - I love hearing about it - whether it be shoes, hairstyles, the latest fad - that perfect necklace or jewellery maker that you have discovered - I love it all.

There is an F word that seems to be more and more common in my writing and that is anything FRENCH! I just can't help myself - I am a self confessed Francophile! Don't you love that? A friend coined the phrase the other day and I giggled when she said it - " One for the Blog," I said. Only a true blogger at heart would understand the camera coming out before devouring a perfect plate - having that perfect photo idea at the ready any time of day. I like it! I like reading yours and thank you for reading and sharing with me.



  1. Hi Suzi,

    Love your "F" words, dear friend.
    All of these things are favourites of mine too.
    Funny how we are always thinking about taking photos for the blog!
    On the French matter, when are you going there?
    I think I remember rightly that a holiday was coming up for you.

    Hope that you are having a great week

  2. hahaha how clever!! I love this post :) Cute blog girlfriend! xo

  3. Lovely post and a lovely blog! Love all the F's.
    Thank you for visiting my blog ... I sure will be following your lovely one.

  4. ha!!! our friend phil is having his 50th tomoz - he is calling it THE F WORD PARTY...
    hahahahahahaha X

  5. Yes I love all your f words especially the last one "French" oh! and "Food" that takes up a lot of my thinking and doing time.
    Have a lovely week! from one francophile to another.

  6. In the early 80s I remember my friend telling me her mother was a Francophile. I had to remember, "now does that mean she hates the French or loves them?" I'm glad your friend rediscovered the word.

  7. What a clever post. My favorite 'f' word of the moment is food.

  8. You just listed the 6 most important things in my life! Whether they're starting with an F or not.


  9. This a a great post, can I add frivolous! My new fun F word to remind me to have fun. I am going to spend some time this weekend visiting your blog and reading past posts, hopefully get to know you better as I see you more often lately on my comments. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and I hope you are packing for Paris, but wherever have a wonderful time. XO