Sunday, August 22, 2010

The F word

This may seem like an inappropriate post but don't be alarmed - it is perfectly clean and there are no shades of Gordon Ramsey in sight. Last night as I was thinking of my blogging journey I thought about the F's I often come back to.

When I started my blogging journey just over a year ago it was all about Floristry - Flowers were very much the main star of my journals. I have noticed lately that my tone changes from time to time but the F word remains.

It might be Family - very much the top of my list along with friends. I will share with you of my joys and sorrows and daily doings. I do refrain from posting photos of the crew on to the internet. It is just one of those things I chose - however I do talk about them very much.

Food - this of course is a huge priority in my blogging brain spce. I comes up often, I delight in finding new foods and places to eat. Really it is one of life's wonderful pleasures - Let's face it - I love to EAT!

Furnishings - another blogging enterprise. I love to get inspiration from those wonderful blogs I visit on what and how and who you are using. It's all so inspiring. Finding that true kindred spirit is wonderful, finding that something special to fill that place - finding it by accident is even better.

Fashion - always a winner! I love to flaunt it - I love hearing about it - whether it be shoes, hairstyles, the latest fad - that perfect necklace or jewellery maker that you have discovered - I love it all.

There is an F word that seems to be more and more common in my writing and that is anything FRENCH! I just can't help myself - I am a self confessed Francophile! Don't you love that? A friend coined the phrase the other day and I giggled when she said it - " One for the Blog," I said. Only a true blogger at heart would understand the camera coming out before devouring a perfect plate - having that perfect photo idea at the ready any time of day. I like it! I like reading yours and thank you for reading and sharing with me.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Everything right - sometimes it's in the detail

The perfect table
Gorgeous detail
Thank you Laura Ashley
The final look.

We have had a few lovely finds lately- they have just seemed perfect. Sometimes you find just the right thing when you are not looking. The tables for the lounge were a find I couldn't resist and the large table I am sure has history. It is apparently an old Chinese door - I love the imperfections on it.
The bedroom is now complete and very pink - although in a lovely way. My D. H surprisingly chose the colour for the walls - now this cover compliments everything in just the right way.