Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dreaming of Paris....and 100th Post!

I don't know if you have ever had the chance but if you do take a peek at the movie that is playing on my blog. It of course highlights Paris but most importantly a gorgeous apartment in Montmartre.
I have news - wonderful news! I am going back to my Paris! This time with DD in tow. We have decided to do a not so whirl wind tour of Europe starting in London - Amsterdam Paris- South of France and Italy! My heart beats faster just typing it. At the moment the major flights are booked so it is all go from here. I wanted it as a surprise but it is just too darn hard in our household to keep them so my DD now knows and is squealing. I am so excited.
We are both October babies and so will celebrate our birthdays with friends and family in Europe. My brother in Amsterdam and our lovely friends who are spending 3 months in the South of France. It is all plan plan plan from here and definitely polishing up our travel skills.
Hopefully the weather will be kind. I am hoping for light jumpers and being able to wear a dress or two. We will see, there still needs to be room for a few purchases in the bags. After all, the fashion centres of the world call us - London - Paris - Rome - Milan wowsa!

I was just reminded by a blogging friend that this is now my 100th post. She was posting about a giveaway and such for her 100th and 1 year blogging. I am sure it is both for me and i will go and peek. I thought I was close but when I went to peek I saw post 100! Now that is a coincidence!! 100 wow. I have nothing to giveaway as yet but will put my thinking cap on. The list will not be long as my blogging friends are few. I cannot boast 155 comments. Still the blogging journey has been so much more about self discovery. I do love it so. I am learning about myself and others and adore the connection we share.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flowers

Friday flowers
Aren't they perfect?
And maybe a moment for some of this!

It's a wintry night in Sydney .
Hope you all are safe and warm!
Have wonderful weekends