Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretty in pink

Our bedroom finally finished
A little vignette
The perfect find
And the perfect rose
Mixed with a little love

The finishing touches have been added to our bedroom. Finally we have things the way we want them. It has taken a while but I am so pleased with the results. It is a little haven of bliss. I am able to shut out the world and bath in it maybe just for a moment.



  1. squeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
    absolutely ADORE it suz!
    and just lookit your floor too.
    mmmmm X

  2. Oh my Suzi, I adore your gorgeous bedroom.
    With the music playing, everything looks so restful and beautiful.
    What a lovely shade of pink! I would never want to leave.

    Happy week

  3. Hi, I have visited on your blog. You have beautiful pictures. I love flowers, soft desing and everything that makes life beautiful.
    I would like to add a monitor?

    Thanks to a beautiful day
    Jana from Prague

  4. Beautiful! I feel relaxed just looking at it (as I am currently reading your blog from the comfort of my bed!). What a lovely, light space with such gorgeous touches of love. Mmmm, enjoy and hope you find lots of time to dwell there, away from it all! x