Monday, April 5, 2010

I feel the earth move under my feet

James Taylor and Carole King, true legends.

What a fantastic treat I had this Easter. I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the Hope Estate performance of James Taylor and Carole King in concert.
The concert was set in a vineyard and was fantastic! We were treated to hit after hit with two fabulous performance. I was blown away by the energy and the soul of the occasion.
If you get the chance to get to a trubador encore concert, treat yourself. It is well worth it.

My favourite song I would have to say was " Natural woman!" That woman can sing! James gave way to her performance so graciously and really made Carole feel like a lady. He has the voice of a song bird still - I loved them both.

Our Easter was mixed with finding a quaint little place in Upper Hunter Valley NSW to stay.
This wouldn't be one I would suggest to others. It was more like a Fawltey towers experience!
Still entertainment from beginning to end. I guess it wasn't boring.

It's been a little quiet on the bogging front. I have been busy renovating and counting down until my final display date at College for my floristry - which is this Thursday. I have already been to the markets so it is ready - set - go in two more sleeps.
Hope you are all well. I have some major catching up to do.


  1. Hi Suzi,

    Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life dear friend, and so neat to hear from you.
    The concert would have been great and I think they are coming over to NZ.
    Your getaway weekend, would have been fun Fawltey Towers and all.
    Good luck for Thursday and your final display.
    Hope your week is great.


  2. Thank you so much carolyn, yes lots going on but I am managing to come up for air. I am really looking forward to Thursday and showcasing what we have been working on all year.
    Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. babeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    oh i missed the thurs date - how did it go?
    guess what i just graduated - walked across stage, shook hands, got my stickerfiKATE!!!!
    i wore our bracelet!!!!
    love you X