Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today I love

It is a day off for t
his busy florist. Carpe Diem! Walking this morning I came across a gorgeous frangipani tree. I have always loved these flowers. They are like gold in NZ were I was born and harder to grow but here in Sydney they grow in abundance.
I love the look of them, their perfect shape, colour and especially their smell, they are gorgeous and this time of year are blooming.
It takes me back to my childood. We as a family were lucky enough to spend time in Hawaii, we used to find these on the side of the road on trees, collect them, string them on a necklace and wallaa a Lei. Perfect to wear with a Muumuu.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your life. That is a gorgeous flower. I would be happy walking past those too :)

  2. Thank you for visiting me Corine :)

  3. Hi there,
    Many thanks for popping in to see me and leaving a comment.
    What a beautiful flower of the frangipani tree.
    Take it as read that it would be impossible to grow here in the U.K. We have just had another fall of snow !! I'm fed up with it now and want the Spring to arrive, so that we can get out into the garden.
    Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

  4. my daddy insisted on wearing a frangipani flower for his wedding day, and for my wedding day too.
    when i saw that pic of boo on fb, a thought popped into my head that i'll see about ordering one for him when my own kids get married...
    in a few years lol X

  5. I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my post for Renee's birthday. Often, people don't comment on posts like that so, many thanks for your support.
    Have a lovely Valentines Day. XXXX

  6. Lovely post and I too love frangipani flowers and had the florist make a hairpiece with frangipani, gypsophlia and small rosebuds for my hair, when I got married.
    I hope that you had a romantic and wonderful Valentines day.
    Have a great week