Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to school

It's hard to believe but it is that time already. The Summer holidays are behind us and the New Year rages ahead. It's February already and 1/12 of the year is over. I still feel as though I am catching my breath through Christmas. Wow. It's been a lovely summer - filled with friends and home. I love just spending time in our home and home town. The last few summer's have been busy ones and it was lovely just to relax a little with "home" things.
Now it all seems to have sped up again, there are books to be bought, and covered. I must say I am not the best at this job. I may be creative but somehow didn't receive the gift of being able to cover a book with cover-seal without creases and bends. It is just not my forte. Perhaps it is time to pass this task on.
It is also a time to think about the year ahead - activities to plan, dancing, singing, music, sport - I am already exhausted. Somehow we all seem to manage it and to juggle it and somehow The Christmas tree sleeps for a few months and then just magically appears. I won't wish the year away as I think it's going to be GREAT. I am looking forward to a new one. I have some new ideas sprouting and I must say I am excited. I will share later. I hope all your school years have started off well.
For one of mine he won't grace the gates of the school again - he has officially left. Quite amazing to think about.


  1. Oh yes, where did January go? I feel the same way over here.
    Glad that you had a lovely summer holiday with family and friends.
    All the best for back to school - busy time isn't it.
    Look forward to your exciting news Suzi and I hope that all your dreams come true.


  2. love the new look...
    i am sure coverseal is from the devil.
    nasty stuff.
    happy year baby -
    have you graduated? X

  3. It all passes so quickly....I can't believe we are well into February already! Have a happy weekend. xv