Friday, December 11, 2009

This little girly went to Market.

Take a basket
Grab some veges
Perhaps some flowers
Or some sunshine
Wa la'

I am sure in a former life somewhere some how I was French. I find myself loving, seeing and being French. The French markets at the Entertainment Quarter are no exception. The Market is so decidedly French, from the little man at the Pattisserie - to the French Market bags, it is all so lovely. I love to go here on a Saturday and just take my " Little French bag" and swan around. We did this last weekend and I bought some beautiful flowers. They looked lovely all wrapped in their brown paper and I made something for a friend.


  1. I sometimes have that French feeling too!
    Lovely post and I adore your flowers you gave to a friend.
    I have left an Award for you.


  2. Fotos preciosas. Me gusta mucho este blog.