Thursday, December 10, 2009

the 11th day - and the tree is up!

Our tree!

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree
How lovely are thy branches!

Yes our tree is up. We put it up last weekend and everyone helped.
The house is now sparkling with Christmas lights and awaiting Santa.
I had a lovely weekend last weekend but have been swamped with the week that has gone. Thank goodness I feel a sense of being organised. There is just hubby to buy for but I have already spotted something lovely.
While my daughter and I were dressing the tree she commented " Mum, I love the way our tree isn't perfect, there are many memories on it aren't there?
Not a truer word spoken. It's just perfect for us!
Have a super weekend and don't get too caught up in the Christmas bustle.


  1. Your Christmas tree is lovely and I couldn't agree more about not getting caught up in the bustle.

    Happy weekend