Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weddings weddings weddings

Wooop woop! I have just finished my major wedding assignment for the year! I felt it looming over me and it feels so good to get the paper work done. Life is so full of the practise these days and I am actually finding a LIKE wired work, yes it is a little tedious and takes some time - but the attention to detail is something I am loving. Doing wedding work at college seems to have come at a perfect time. I am now doing a fair bit in the shop as well on a friday. I get so caught up in it all. I realise though that only a florist gets a true buzz from the flowers. I get so excited but don't always see that excitement in the bride's- perhaps they are nervous and perhaps I am misjudging.
Life is really evolving, it has been on speed dial for a while now but I am loving the ride.

Creme d la creme'

a cascade bouquet - hand tied

some weddings at work! I loved the ribboning


  1. They are all beautiful bridal bouquets ~ I think my favourite is the white roses with the satin ribbon.

    Many thanks for visiting my blog, always great to hear from you.
    I hope that you are having a great weekend and some time to relax.


  2. love all that creaminess.
    the third one's my fave X

  3. Oh, those bouquets are so beautiful and I love the natural colours. I can almost imagine the scent. I think perhaps brides are, like you said, a little nervous, but on the day the bouquet means so much.

    Personally, I've found the flowers that were in my bouquet being the most memory stirring of all. I can be anywhere - in someone's home, a garden, walking past a florists and when I smell a particular flower from my bridal bouquet I am suddenly transported back to our wonderful day. My Mum was the same - she always went misty eyed when she saw or smelt freesias. For that reason, I simply had to include them in my bridal bouquet x