Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Present

My lovely blogging friend Carolyn gave me this award, it's my first one. How lovely.
Little did she know it was appropriately given on my birthday. On Tuesday was my birthday and I will share some more later.
Seven things about me.
1. I am a Kiwi girl with a vintage heart and soul.
2. I love chatting - spending the time with friends, cooking, eating, laughing
3. Have three gorgeous teenagers who teach me something every day. I feel as if I have grown up with them.
4.I married my child hood sweet heart and he is my soul mate. WE are best friends and he makes my heart sing.
5. I am loving my life and my year and floristry. It's been one door after another of opportunity.
6. I love bubble baths.
7. Paris is my favourite city. This isn't hard to guess. Anything French I seem to be like a moth to the flame. It is my next goal to learn the language and cook the food.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!
    I hope that you had a wonderful day and the start of a great year ahead.
    I enjoyed finding out more about you.

    Have a happy weekend