Thursday, October 1, 2009


...this was written a week ago, it's taken a while to post *breathe*

My dear son, ...Today I watched you officially finish your high school years. You were addressed by your peers and your teachers and they released you into the world. Your teachers really love you - it was evident in the way the carefully addressed each of you and gave you their worlds of wisdom.
One of the speeches really stuck with your Dad and I It was about success. It truly spoke to me. You may or may not find success after your exams. Eventually though everyone is faced with opportunity - the one opportunity that will give you success. Everyone! That includes you.
I was so proud today watching you play - your are my muse when it comes to passion for music.
I wish the best for you always. Today a chapter in your life closed, only to open another soon.
The world is your oyster


  1. What a lovely post and you must be so proud of your Son. Congratulations!
    Wishing him all the very best, in the next chapter of his life.

    Happy weekend

  2. wooot.
    it's so hard to watch our bubbas grow up but so joyful that they're doing it so beautifully.
    can't wait to see you! X