Friday, October 9, 2009

Julia and Julia

In My humble opinion a MUST see movie! I found it so inspiring and almost a revelation to where I am just now in my life, changing careers and being challenged.
There are two stories happening in tandem.
The first being that if Julia Child - as we all know and love as the loud american cook of the 70s on the TV - so quirky and yet watchable always.
And then the life of a young almost 30 year old writer who is in a career she hates and wants to somehow find herself. She decides to take on Julia Child's cookbook and follow the recipes while blogging in one year.
The movie starts in Paris - *sigh* in the 50's. Wow it looks like a charmed life. We are introduced to Julia Child and her diplomatic husband Paul. They have a wonderful romantic - although childless marriage. Julia is "finding" herself in her 40s and wonders what she will DO with herself. She likes to eat so she decides to cook.
Along side this story the almost present day Julia is struggling with her inner demons and cooking up a storm while writing about it on a blog such as this one.
I had a little revelation while watching the movie. How privileged I am to be "published" for all to read. Sometimes the reader is simply me and my own head - other times I have the honour of being read by others and if lucky a comment. It has truly opened myself to myself, if that makes sense. I guess it has saved me some days.
If you want a good movie - are a foodie and Like Merryl streep - who btw is divinely funny. Go and treat yourself, perhaps take your daughter too and of course some much needed tissues.
A real treat.


  1. totally going.
    will take woozie.
    mwah mwah X

  2. Have not been to see this, but it is on my list of movies to see.
    We have enjoyed watching Julia Childs cooking show, just recently ~ Cooking Legends. (she was great)
    I have given you an award, if you are interested.
    Understand if you do not want.

    Happy week

  3. Oh I would love an award - how do I receive it? I hope you and go and see this one Carolyn- you will love it.
    Have a wonderful day!
    x Suzi

  4. Ooo, me thinks I will love this movie, I will have to go see it, who am I kidding I will never have time to away from the kids, I will rent it eventually, sigh.