Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feeling inept

Wedding flowers are the flavour of the month now at college. We are doing - posies, foam bouquets, and trailing bouquets. Last term wiring seemed to have me stumped or more so the corsage! I just couldn't get it and then I did. At the moment I feel like this with trailing bouquets. It didn't click for me until after class when I realised where I was going wrong and now the problem comes of having to wait a whole week before I can fix it in my mind.
Perfectionism is something I struggle with and with learning a new skill I want it just right the first time. I know it takes time but to some it comes so easy. Today this budding florist feels a little wilted. I just don't get it but one day I will.


  1. Love the roses and gypsophila bouquet ~ same as what I had on wedding day.
    Good luck for class next week.

    happy weekend

  2. Perfection takes time and practise.....keep going, it will come. I can tell you are dedicated.