Monday, October 26, 2009

The coiffure

What do to!? I love these chicky short styles. They are so chic and really look so nice - well I have been "blessed" with a mop of curly locks and so when I try the shorter look my hair decides to look something like an ice-cream. Or so my kids tell me. I have had long hair most of my life and when my kids were really young I cut it all off - it was that way for 10 years. Now after a few years of growing it is finally LONG. When I go to the hair salon I go for "the usual" - blonde highlights and a lovely smooth blow wave. There is little diversion but for a few days my hair looks and feels lovely.
On Saturday I went to the salon and asked for my "usual" - the only problem was my usual lady wasn't there . I braved the chair and went anyway. What could they do? Not a good move. My hair had re-growth when I left the salon and I didn't have that fresh feeling you get with a new do, I was also in the chair for 4 hours. It was frizzy in no time. I spent the next few hours convincing myself and my family that it was ok - the last straw was when I told my MIL that I had been to the salon - she asked Did you? what did they do?
I have never done this before but I called the salon - the unhappy customer. Today I got my normal do. It looks and feels fresh. I chatted away to my hairdresser and I felt special once again. I hated complaining but now feel as though I have been treated. I am swinging my newly fresh curls in the breeze.

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  1. That sounds like my usual too, on a visit to the hairdresser.
    Glad that they were able to make your hair how you like it.
    The other day my daughter said my hair looked like Joe Dirt, ( David Spade) they say the nicest things sometimes, mind you I did have to agree with her, as it needed a wash and I had an appointment the next day.

    Have a good week