Thursday, October 15, 2009

A beautiful day

Cake for me
Pressies for me

Flowers for me

On Tuesday it was my birthday. I must admit. I am one of those people who likes everyone to know and not let it slip away silently. I am a gift giver and receiver. I had a wonderful day.
One of my boys presented me in the morning with a gorgeous candle - vanilla and the scent is lovely. I had looked at it in a shop recently and he noticed. He wanted me to have something I loved. It was so thoughtful. Hubby was away for the morning but I went to work - which I love.
A little birdie had told them it was my birthday. I felt special, just the words " Happy birthday" all day long were really nice - I did what I enjoyed most and made beautiful things for others.

Half way through the day my boss came in with a box a card and a present. Inside the box was the most gorgeous looking chocolate cake. I was a little overwhelmed and it was so nice.
My parents called me from N.Z at the shop - which is no mean feat for those in there 80's. They blew me away.

I had a delicious lunch which I picked and ate at the cafe next door. Delicious.

The day didn't finish there. I went home and the house was perfect - the kids were off to camp but before they went we had pressies, cake and cards. All were perfectly picked. I have a lovely black cam which I love, a new book " French Essence!" - gorgeous vicki. ( I am going to write about this later after a good read) some lovely pampering things and last but not least I made myself a birthday bouquet.

A perfect lunch for one!

and the perfect end to a perfect day

David Gray concert tickets and the best concert ever!


  1. wow that does indeed sound like a lovely day. What a lovely blog you have. I love the photos and the music. You create such a lovely atmosphere.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It gave me the chance to discover yours. I love roses, large cabbage like ones and peonies are my favourite.

  2. can't wait to SEE you.
    it's torture doing this long-distance blog thang when i know a visit is just around the corner!!!!!!!!!! X

  3. Oh what a wonderful birthday you had!
    Glad that it could be lovely with cake pressies and a special phone call from your Parents.
    I saw the book French Essence in the book shop window, looks beautiful.

    May it be the start of a great year ahead.


  4. Happy Birthday and what a surprise to see my cover in your goodies...hope you are enjoying French Essence and that the weekend was fabulous too. xv