Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leap of faith

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This year has been a huge journey for me so far. I have started something I have wanted to do for a long time - floristry - which I am finding a passion in. It is exciting, challenging and stretching . I have also started this funny journey of blogging which I find so therapeutic. I love the way I can debrief my day and my life here for myself - some of you comment and I am getting to know you also through this medium. My world is changing and unleashing around me and I find myself embracing the change, I'm not afraid but excited about the opportunities.
I really do feel blessed somehow - things just happen. Sure there have been some heart aches but learning - wow. I am sure doing this also. It's only the start of this new journey. My children well they forever amaze me and so does my man. One of my babies is speeding towards manhood in a crazy whirlwind. This is scary, I'm not really ready for this milestone. He finishes his high school years next week. Graduation is here and I'm just not ready. Some days I do want the world to just slow down a little. I just need to catch my breath.
Time to naval gaze for just a moment - indulge me this


  1. May your journey be happy and filled with some wonderful times and things.
    I find blogging to be fun and to keep a diary of what is going on in your life.
    I know what you are saying of wanting the world to slow down a little so you can catch your breath. Best of luck for your Son graduating.


  2. suz
    i hear you.
    it's that hideous hand-in-hand pain and ecstasy of growing up - our kids *and* us.
    the close-our-eyes-and-jump-off that we've done, we're doing.
    and WE'RE ROCKIN' IT!!!!!!!!
    i have very much loved growing up with our children, they teach me so much about leaps of faith as they "do it afraid" too.
    can't wait to see you X

  3. A wonderful picture with a wonderful caption. Embracing change is the best thing is the world and I wish you all the luck with each and every change that comes your way, xv.

  4. good luck on your new adventure. Take the leap and never look back!