Monday, September 21, 2009

dream job

Sometimes things happen and you don't realise that your "dream job " is just around the corner. Today was one of those days. I woke up to a phone call - it was from my "boss"
She was calling to welcome me to the team of Waterhouse designs and to say she hopes I have a wonderful first day as a "real florist". Oh my goodness. My heart skipped a beat and I realised I was doing this - I was living my dream. My leapt around the place - realising that this is what Ihad hoped for. No amazing $$ signs in the future but it really doesn't matter - I am getting paid for doing what I love and it is a good thing!!!
I talked to my son about this on the way to the train station and he really understood where I was coming from. My son is in year 12 and about to finish his high school years, his dream is to be a musician but there is a long road ahead. I encourage him constantly to keep on at his dream - it's hard though when the realities of life slip in to remind us of responsibilities.

I did work at my dream job today. I made the florist beautiful, it was brimming with blooms.
I took orders, I served customers. It was a perfect working day - and I made a $$ or two.
The bubbly was shared this evening - a celebration of sorts. I am doing this. It seems like a dream but it is happening. I know the process of learning is not always easy - I am not looking forward to my assessments at college this week but what is the worst that could happen ? I might not know how to do the perfect "kite" corsage yet. But someday I will....


  1. Hi Suzie,

    I am so happy for you with day 1 of your dream job. May it turn into a great job for you.
    Also best of luck with your Musician Son.
    I love your music playing, on your blog.
    Also many thanks for your very kind words today, they have been a great help.


  2. woooooooott!!!
    so *excited*
    doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!
    mwah mwah mwah X