Monday, August 17, 2009

Whisked away

This weekend Hubby whisked me away to a lovely Gold Coast destination. We were shmoozed ( I was thinking how to spell this word) by the hotel shmoozer to make a booking as a prospective client in the future. Oh how I love shmoozing!! The luxury of 5 star accomodation, champagne, beautiful food, the most comfortable beds, gorgeous breakfast and did I mention champagne? It will be featured in a later blog as I have now discovered my new favourite!
It was a lovely weekend. So nice just to blow the cobwebs away. The best part was a lovely walk on the beach Sunday morning. My toes tinkled the ocean, the sun kissed our faces and somehow things just seem a little but better. I even got to grace my new summer dress.


  1. you *did* take pics of you in the new summer dress, i hope?
    we definitely need pics!
    so glad it was so wonderful X

  2. I don't think I have pics. But I will post one - promise - well maybe to you as need to remain anon you know *wink*
    It was wonderful - weather is gorgeous here today and I have a day at home and a moment to breathe.

  3. Hi Suzie,

    Oh I am so happy that you got to wear your pretty dress and drink champagne. I do remember your post and the lovely dress.
    We love Surfers Paradise, and have been there twice. So beautiful and warm and lovely beaches.
    Glad that you could blow the cobwebs away and it is what is needed to recharge the batteries.

    Enjoy your week