Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This little Florist went to market

A lovely vintage collection - gum-nuts, sweet-peas, roses & rinnunculas
Unforgetable forget-me-nots
Gorgeous gum-nuts
In a new vase

Almost fit for a hand-tied wedding bouquet. Loving this
soft greys - oh don't you just love those gumnuts?

This morning I braved the day got up early to get to the flower markets by 5.45am. It's a busy bustling world all alive and kicking even at this ungodly hour. I do love it. I get so exciting there with everyone organising their lives and their shops. I do find though I feel a sense of being overwhelmed by everything there is on offer. A child let loose in a candy shop and told they can pick what they like!!! My goodness. Again I am confronted by my taste. What is it that I like? What takes my fancy? It isn't hard. I am discovering a passion for certain flowers of the whimsical nature. Anything vintage - soft and textured. I can still understand the modern lineal design and am happy to do it but these just seem to hit the spot.
Whimsical also seems to be the flavour of the day - it really describes me well somehow.


  1. How beautiful ~ I love your bouquet.
    5.45 am start ... as the saying goes the early bird gets the worm.

    I hope you are having a happy Thursday.

  2. oh i am LOVING it suz.
    the perfect antidote for a day with my assignment.
    i just announced that you have been arranging gumnuts and fraser said.... numb nuts? who's got numb nuts? i bet they have them in antarctica.... X

  3. Thank you ladies - off for a bath after college, feeling a little pooped. x

  4. Your flowers are just beautiful...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

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  6. No time for posting this weekend. A lovely full one at the beach on the Gold Coast - I will post all about it when I get to breathe. Off to the shop tomorrow. I wonder what Monday will bring. x