Thursday, August 27, 2009

Never enough!

This week has been a busy one. Some days it really feels as though time just slips away and you are left dazed. I feel like that a lot lately. I had some wonderful Friday moments with some friends this morning after a busy week. We were sharing our worlds over coffee and just being together felt like comfortable slippers. It's so easy to sometimes get so caught up in life that it just slips from our fingertips and we don't notice.
I have been reminded of this lately - sometimes through tragedy - just how life can change for us all in a heart beat. Also through life's lessons, never realising that the troubled teen just might be at your own door step *sigh*
For me this means I want and need to redeem the day - Carpe Diem. There is no time like the present. I never really understood what that meant, now I am getting it.
Today I feel a little philosophical. Life is just speeding along and I am just catching my breath.


  1. Hi Suzi,

    Life does seem to be very busy all the time and yes, we are speeding through the year.
    We were never given a manual on how to raise our teens were we, and I am just sending you love and hugs to get through these years. Not easy is it!
    I love your new blog header, the blossom is so pretty. It is out on some trees over here too.

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. HI Carolyn,
    Thanks so much for your lovely understanding. It is good to know that we can be worlds apart and yet - really know.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend too.
    Hugs back