Monday, August 31, 2009

Made with love

Today I worked in the shop. I had a phone call - I was asked to make a bouquet. Not just any bouquet but a bouquet for an angel. A little baby had passed away at birth and I was asked to make something special for her mummy. What a commission. It was in pink and white blooms.The gentle words of the giver were to please " make it with love". It was.


  1. Oh how very sad, I loved that the flowers were pink and white, and I am sure made with much love.

    That is a sweet photo.

    Have a lovely Tuesday

  2. Thanks Carolyn.
    You too x Suzi

  3. Oh how sad, I would of broke down crying (I'm such a cry baby). I'm sure the flowers were beautiful, what a very special task you had.

  4. It was Cesca - I did break down in tears but only when I was telling the story to my kids - I'm a sook too :)
    x Have a great week

  5. *sniff*
    i need a trip inside your head.
    ♥ u X