Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today in the shop

Beautiful Rose
Astros never looked so pretty
A "parrot " tulip - simply stunning
Some thing in sympathy for someone else - I do hope they like it
Wow - today in the shop - the hustle and bustle and then finally just me to my lil old self.
Today I arranged, designed and basically had a ball. I sent out an order for someone - still worried that it was OK but I need to get over this one.
I also made some flowers for someone who forget to come back and so I took them home. They are smiling at me in my kitchen.
I took some photos as sometimes it is easy to miss the little things.


  1. i really really REALLY love that rose X

  2. I love those photos. Who could resists having any of those. Sigh. I envy you your job. It must be such a delight to create with flowers.