Monday, July 27, 2009

Postcards from Paris

Fleurs in Paris!
Champs Elysee
Tour de Eiffel
'The dying Slave' - my favourite piece of art at the Louvre
My Room with a view
Picture Perfect Bistro!

Not missing the obvious
Bon Jour!
Not every blog I write is about flowers - in fact yes at the moment one of my first loves but my other would have to be anything French. In Feb of 2008 I got to live my life long dream to travel to the beautiful city of Paris. I was my on my own but it was still a wonderful time. It lived up to every expectation so much so that I brought my hubby back to see it all in December for our 20th wedding anniversary.
I still love to glimpse back at these moments in time. I just had to blog these fleeting thoughts this morning as today I am thinking of Paris.


  1. oh what a pretty blog you have my dear
    Thank you so much for the visit!!

  2. ooooh la la
    bringing back the memories.
    we all must rendezvous in paris someday X

  3. That bistro *is* perfect!! I can't believe you got these great shots!!!

    Welcome to SITS :)

  4. Thank you so much for your precious comments - the mean the world.
    Yes these piccies do take me back. I have MORE! It's hard to get a bad shot in Paris.
    Katie I would be with you in a heart beat in Paris. Wouldn't that just be fantastic!!!
    The little bistro is perfect! - It incapsulates Paris completely.

    Hugs to all xx

  5. Love your Paris photos ~ such an amazing City.
    My husband took me there in 2007 and we rented an apartment there.
    My dream would be to go and live there for a year,
    one day.


  6. Fabulous photos, J'aime Paris!

    Leeann x