Thursday, July 30, 2009

The F word!

A close look
I really like this arrangement - especially the do-dovine draping over it. Shame no one is coming for tea!
An open spray for a casket. The mechanics are apparent but we were just looking for the over all shape.

A flat backed bouquet.
Maybe not what you think as this is a pretty G rated blog. F is for Funeral work. Something I am not sure if I was looking forward to at our course but I was pleasantly surprised with the progress and outcome of our creations. Here are just a few shots of the examples.
It was quite weird going back to college after my work experience. I found myself comparing myself once again with my classmates. They are all fantastic and will make wonderful florists. I would buy from many of them. I am also surprised by the fact that we all have the same bucket of flowers and design concepts and yet the end results are completely different. It just goes to show it is not paint by numbers.
There is a little piece of every florist in their work.


  1. Flowers really make a home. Unfortunately I just don't have the knack to make them look as wonderful as they should.

  2. It just takes practise an a little knowledge. :) thanks for posting. x Suzi

  3. I wish I could do even half an needs skill, patience and a gift ;>!!

    Happy SITS Sharefest

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  4. for you...

  5. that is really a beautiful arrangement-it was for a funeral? did I understand that correctly-

  6. Flowers just add that little something which seems to be missing every where, the colour the scent!!! I absolutely love them!!! Especially roses! Nice post!

  7. Happy SItS Saturday Sharefest!

    Your floral arrangements are gorgeous! These bouquets are so elegant, and the colors go so well together. You definitely have an artistic touch with these flowers. Keep up the great work!

  8. When I read your title, I thought we were going to have a little something from Mr. Ramsay.
    Love the floral arrangements you have shared and your post. Thank you. Flowers are always so lovely whatever circumstances,they are for.


  9. Thank you folks - I am really looking forward to next lesson on Thursday with a little work experience in between - off to a Hotel for corporate work and then the shop on Tuesday :)

  10. Beautiful floral arrangements! I always wished I could do this! I love flowers! What a fun job! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Have a great day! :)

  11. Amazing colors and arrangements, thanks for sharing. Best Wishes to all the "budding" florists, so sorry for the pun, couln't resist. Visiting from SITS, Greetings from Los Angeles.