Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First

3rd Posy bowl

After being inspired by many an avid blogger I have finally decided to make my own space. I seem to blog this and that all over the net but never in one sole spot. Here goes. I'm Sue a 40- something- or prefer to be thought of in my 20's for the 2nd time - living with gorgeous hubby and 3 marvellous teenagers in Sydney. I'm Originally a kiwi and have decided to cross the brave frontier once again into a new career world - wow. I have always been interested in Floristry and thought I would finally bite the bullet and do a fast tracked course for a year with Pearson's school of floristry. So far I am loving the roller coaster ride. Some days I feel completely like a fish out of water. I am slowly dipping my toes in and having a good go. Somethings work, some don't I am learning this, for this class A perfectionist it is a difficult one but the present moment is what I seek( shades of Yoda coming in there). " There is no try only do!" Like the little engine the could
I will continue to chug up the hill using every plagiarism I can along the way - thank you friends.  
Above is the latest creation from my course. I was happy with this although had a doozey of a day with cutting my finger and not being happy with my other efforts. This is the one I got to take home and all in all I was happy. 


  1. hello angel -
    sue's news - took me a moment to work that one out. could be the swhiskey...
    LOVE that you are sharing your life this way, have added you to my bloglines so i can nip over and catch the updates as they fly outta your pooter!!!
    i am still so excited for you - this is your moment.
    katie X

  2. Hope you didn't mind me stealing your line - after all this oldie needs all the help she can get..hehe x