Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blooming good!

Symmetrical bowl
Sitting in the perfect spot

A long stemmed straussed bouquet!
would you buy it?

Looking professional

an iris meant to be a rose
it really does look like a Fleur de Lyss.

Practise really does make perfect. Understanding this process has been good. I don't have to be "there" yet. I am being kinder to myself these days and enjoying the ride. Yesterday was fun - we learned to wrap beautifully with a hint of flair and posy bowls in strange shapes which I thought were somehow "old fashioned" and not in a vintage way. Looking at my effort I think it has my flair and not old fashioned at all. I liked the process and thinking outside the square or rather inside the triangle.


  1. oh i am loving sharing your journey babe.
    adoring the iris.
    not sure if i mentioned that my mum used to work in a flohhhhhhwer shop.
    she always said to arrange flohhhhwers as if they're growing. i know that was back in the dark ages, but your symmetrical bowl looks just like that babe. love the different layers and heights.
    (you'll have to tell me the flohhhhwer-jargon so i can pretend to comment intelligently lol)
    love you X

  2. I didn't know that about your Mum - wow creativity everywhere - I think she could do positively anything. Flower jargon - what is that. I am learning !!! loving you following my journey too. xxx Happy Saturday.