Monday, June 15, 2009

Always changing and rearranging

Today I felt it was time for a change of template. I am inspired by the beautiful blogs around. I still haven't figured out completely how to customise but I am learning as I go. Welcome to my new look, and daffodils . It's raining outside so we need some sun inside - I might go searching for some today. Wish me luck.


  1. hello sweetheart,
    did you take that pic and is it my neice?
    love the flowers here - sunflowers, daisies and yellow roses are all my fave flowers.
    i think it's the yellow.
    love you so much, mum and dad still here so *arnie voiceover* i'll be back!!!
    love X

  2. of course i mean "niece"
    or even "nice"
    mwah X

  3. Gorgeous Sue! It's so you...looking lovely! You're so good at this whole "technology" thing - hope you're assignment's going well & looking forward to tomorrow! xxx